New Construction Inspection

New construction inspection is an important process for ensuring that a building project meets all necessary regulations and specifications, as well as ensuring the safety of those who will occupy the new building or structure. This type of inspection is especially important in recent years, as builders may be looking to save money by using lower-quality materials and substandard construction techniques. 

Experienced Inspectors

A good building inspector will always make sure to look carefully at the material being used in a given project and determine whether it meets all necessary regulations. The inspection process may also include testing specific components, such as electrical systems or structural support elements. This can involve obtaining samples of different materials for more detailed analysis by a lab with expertise in this area.

List of improperly finished items

We’ll provide a list of unfinished or improperly finished items to be addressed with the builder. Perhaps some of the components may need to be replaced or repaired. It is important that this information be communicated clearly and promptly so that further delays or safety issues are not incurred during construction.

New Construction Inspection

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