Inspect Karma Home Inspectors Training

On-the-job training and certification courses

We want what’s best for you, so all of our home inspectors go the extra mile by obtaining certifications for added services such as radon inspection, mold/spore sampling, termite inspection, and more. This way, we can provide a comprehensive inspection service that is suited to your individual needs.

Inspect Karma training and certification

Inspect Karma Home Inspectors not only meet the standard requirements for home inspectors, but they also go above and beyond with extra in-class and in-field training.

Inspect Karma Drone Inspections

FAA Certified Aerial Drone Inspections

A certified drone inspection helps solve access to difficult areas you can not inspect from the ground or without special equipment. A home inspection report will miss important information if your inspector does not inspect the roof, flashing, chimney, and everything else they can’t see from the ground. Within FAA guidelines, as weather permits, we typically inspect roof coverings, chimneys, and flashings that can’t be inspected by those who can’t access a steep or brittle roof or a chimney that can’t be reached without special equipment.

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