Commercial Inspection

When purchasing a commercial property in Wisconsin with more than four units, it is important to have the building inspected by an experienced commercial inspector. Such an inspection helps identify any existing or potential problems that could be costly to repair or mitigate in the future. 

What Commercial Inspector does?

The inspector looks at the entire building, inside and out, to check for structural integrity issues and any potential safety hazards. They will also look at the electrical and plumbing systems to ensure that they are up to code, as well as perform a thorough HVAC system inspection. Additionally, inspectors will take a close look at the roof and foundation of the building, making recommendations for repairs or modifications if needed.

Inspect Karma Can Help

If you are purchasing a commercial property, it is essential to work with an experienced commercial inspector who can assess the condition of the building and identify any potential issues. By doing so, you can make better decisions about your purchase and ensure that you are getting a good value for your investment.

Commercial Inspection

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