Well Inspection

Well inspections are an important part of ensuring the safety and integrity of a water supply system. A well inspection involves testing the water depth, pressure, flow rate, and other parameters to ensure that all system parts are properly working. The purpose is to detect any signs of wear and tear or potential hazards that may arise from the deterioration of the well system.

How Often Do I need well inspection?

Not all well systems will require frequent inspections, especially if they are in good condition. A small private well that serves a single-family residence can typically be inspected every five years to ensure that it runs smoothly and no problems have arisen. However, larger public wells and other more complex systems may require more frequent inspections to detect any signs of problems as early as possible.

Types of Well Inspection

There are several different types of well inspections that you may need to have performed. The first is a visual inspection, which involves visually inspecting the well and its parts for signs of cracks, deterioration, or other defects. Depending on the type of well system and how it is constructed, this may involve inspecting the well liner, casing, or other parts of the system. This inspection is typically performed by a licensed inspector or other qualified professional.

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